The 2 Bears Make a Beary Awesome Jam

Cheesy and wonderful, uplifting and gospel-like, the 2 Bears are as new as they are unique. I haven't heard electro pop with so much soul/wonderment/simplified-beauty since Hot Chip's The Warning.

They're new to Southern Fried and definitely seem like a wildcard act among the heavy-hitting-house-heads of the SF crew. I guess with the new release from The Shoes, it isn't that out of the blue... but still.

The 2 Bears - Church

This lil video sheds some light on their goofy antics. They're incredibly lovable (and uncannily bear-like).

The 2 Bears - Recording Session at The Red Bull Studios
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On the Tip of Your Tongue

Very rarely do I enter a room and become immediately enamored. Rendered speechless. In wide-eyed awe. Staring off into an indescribable future.

Yet, Porcelain Raft's Glasslands debut simply moved me. I could feel the throbbing of his heart. I could hear the voice in his head. A sheepish smile, eyes playfully rolling back into a previous place- not unlike playing directly to a wall amidst a crowd of the transfixed. I was only able to catch the last song (due to an apparently crippling addiction, at least in somber retrospect) but luckily found a recording of said last song on youtube. Enjoy this moment. I hope that it lingers on with you as it has with me.


James Marshall ||| Woods Music

Surely there is a circle of sun-drenched hippies clapping, singing, and playing guitars somewhere in the head of James Marshall. His recent self-released "Woods Music" is a psychedelic spectrum of personality and color, brimming with life from a humble bedroom somewhere in Texas. It's a nice thing to drift off on throughout a warm, summer day. In October.


The Pharmacy - Weekend

View All Photos | photo by Lexi Lutter | THE PHARMACY

Playing piano and guitar akin to an old car preeetty fuckin fast into a bright sunset. With just enough lo-fi buzz around the edges to make the inner beauty of the Washington trio shine through. Perhaps taking time to stop at a particularly beautiful corner and gently smoke a spliff amidst the lonely air. Through the highs of upbeat soul-grooving and the subsequent lows of longing.


"What are you doing with your life?"


I'm not quite sure what to answer but it's a comforting echo nevertheless. Check out The Pharmacy on myspace and get a hold of Weekend in its entirety.

"What do you do with your life?"

The Pharmacy - WAYDWYL
The Pharmacy - Coldest Morning Light


Midday Veil - Asymptote II

So sometimes iTunes visualizer is completely unnecessary when you've got a music video as psychadelic as this one for Midday Veil's track Asymptote II.

Full length, Eyes All Around, due out on Translinguistic Other Records which you can pre-order in CD or lovely wax right here.  They're doing a west coast tour from late October through November, and yeah...these guys seem like they'd put on one hell of a live show.

Taragana Pyjarama

Putting me in a heavy daze, this new jam from this Denmark based music making couple, Taragana Pyjarama, is the kind of stuff I would think the iTunes visualizer was made for.

Too bad it's only available as a soundcloud stream right now!

But alas, they've got a 3 track EP on the way so we'll be sure to keep you updated as we hear more from this dynamic duo from denmark. and for now, get ready to keep hitting the play button over and over on their soundcloud page:

more on Taragana Pyjarama:


Estate Sale Boat | Transmission Eyes

Just got some love in the mail, floating on by in form of 60's psych rock from Orlando's Estate Sale Boat.   Perhaps if the Grateful Dead liked to drink martinis in a smoke-filled lounge. Playing a song written by Brian Wilson. Definitely look out for what these guys do next.

Estate Sale Boat - Transmission Eyes



Ohhhh mannnn this track is so deliciously evil. Horror. Not boring. I'm so excited to hear what Cecil brews up next. If you can, catch him and the GOBBLE GOBBLE crew at CMJ. We'll be there tweaking hard.


Bangers for Basement Raves

Aight y'all. Summer's officially done. Now we're left with partying out the remainder of these chilly months with a series of basement raves and bedroom blunt sessions. May these bangers power your autumnal escapades!

Amsterdam in Africa?
DJ Mujava - Mugwanti (R3hab Remix)

Fucking great tune for your next Halloween rave... (coming soon to Gumby house!)
Douster & Savage Skulls - Bad Gal (feat. Robyn)

MDMA chills all over this one.
DJ Chus, Voltaxx & Lissat - Vuela Paloma

Yeah, that's right. This is the best tune of 2k10.
Cassius - I <3 U So

NazcarNation -Dynazty EP

Despite their name, NazcarNation does not make music that is particularly nazty (or cheesy for that matter). With an apparent foot in the door of both the current electro (yeah yeah yeah dubstep chmubstep) and indie rock scenes (yeah yeah yeah chillwave schillwave), NazcarNation is quite a pleasurable marriage between the two. 

But enough genre stereotyping and suppression of the invisible minority. These guys sound pretty polished and play some bizarro indie pop in a way that is almost akin to Fang Island occasionally. Perhaps Die Nasty feels tooooo clean. Perhaps I'm riddled by my own expectation. Regardless, I'd be interested to hear them get nazzzty.

NazcarNation - Beeswax
NazcarNation - Destiny Intro