Baboom!  Danny Perez & Animal Collective's "visual album", ODDSAC has a trailer.  Screenings in NY and Chicago, with apparently more to be announced.  Check out more info on the new ODDSAC website.


World Premiere: Sundance Film Festival.

Tuesday, January 26, 8:30pm
Prospector Square Theatre, Park City

Thursday, January 28, 10:30pm
Holiday Village Cinema I, Park City

Friday, January 29, 9:30pm
Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City

Saturday, January 30, 6:00pm
Broadway Centre Cinemas VI, SLC


March 2New York City NY, USA
Visual Arts Theatre
With special guests director Danny Perez and members of Animal Collective.
Get tickets: 6:30pm, 8:30pm SOLD OUT.

March 17Chicago IL, USA
Music Box Theatre
With special guests director Danny Perez and members of Animal Collective.
Get tickets: 7pm9pm

Happy Lease Signing

Congrats to Pacman for signing a lease to live at *Undisclosed Location* where DJ Dr. , Padre Zippo, God of Trays and Myself will be residing along with our friends Genie, Brown Guy Slim, "Getting Sick Sucks" Guy, Sailor Venus and the Alcoholic Girls. Yes! Smoke a blunt drink a beer. let's get wasted!


The Apple iPad / Toro Y Moi / New Apples in Stereo

"It's true that when something exceeds your ability to understand how it works, it sort of becomes magical. and that's exactly what the iPad is"

Wait....so knowing absolutely nothing about how it works is supposed to be a selling item?

I'm really torn here.  Create Digital Music had a really interesting post on Apple's new iPad today.  Combining it's closed software app-ness, with the fact that it's not even a real computer OS (The new iPad is essentially a glorified BIGGER iPod Touch).  CDM has a mindset that I tend to really agree with: that a lot of great things in the way of creativity come out of open source ideals.  Personally I'm a strong supporter of creative commons licensing, and all that stuff, so I can really see where CDM is coming from here.  Apple has a unique opportunity to create an incredibly universal touch screen computer with seemingly endless possibilities in music and art, but instead the ONLY jack on this new iPad is the iPod dock, and ALL software has to go through apple's iTunes store and their approval process.

I'm sure some incredible things will come out of this, like new spin offs of rjdj, beatmaker, etc. for a giant touch screen: making MPC style drum pads a much more realistic possibility for live performances for one thing.  However, it really hurts to think about how fucking awesome it would be to see Ableton or maxMSP patches on a multi-touch screen computer.


On another note, Toro Y Moi just came out with a video for Blessa last week.  The song of theirs that initially got me hooked on this guy's sound towards the end of '09.


"I wanted to make a futuristic pop record, to reach out to the kids of the future. It is what I imagine their more highly-evolved pop might sound like: shiny soul music with robots and humans singing together, yet informed by the music of our time. So we are sending a pop music message through time, hoping they will decode it and be into it,"

Words form Robert Schneider on the new album, Travellers in Time and Space, due on April 20th of this year....yeahh I know what you're thinking.

I've been a big fan of Elephant 6 for a long long time, and am really excited for this one...

Apples In Stereo: Travellers In Time and Space Track List
01 The Code
02 Dream About the Future
03 Hey Elevator
04 Strange Solar System
05 Dance Floor
06 CPU
07 No One in the World
08 Dignified Dignitary
09 No Vacation
10 Told You Once
11 It's All Right
12 Next Year at About the Same Time
13 Floating in Space
14 Nobody But You
15 Wings Away
16 Time Pilot



From hereon forth and once again, I shall be known as the Chairman. Respect my authoritah.

The best beat Dilla ever made...

...has been rapped over by Lord Quas (that's the stoned out, high pitch rapping of Madlib fyi) and also Busta Rhymes (on Mick Boogie's Dillagence).

Today I got an email from RCRDLBL.com that mentioned Jay Electronica. WACK ASS NAME--however he too spits rhymes over Dilla's remix of 'Hydrant Game' (the classic vocal track of Quasimoto rapping--get the whole album here and the Dilla remix with the sick beat here, and the instrumental beat here).


What do you think? I am really just obsessed with the tape bangin feel of Dilla's remix--the instrumental is beautiful, compelling, soulful and artful. In my opinion, it is the greatest beat hip hop has ever seen. Lotsa peeps are tellin me that Dilla's dead SO STOP WORSHIPPING HIM. And the truth is that I will never stop loving Dilla. The man TRULY was hip hop's Beethoven (not Mozart <-- fuck that dude).

DIY Synth building

Here's the synth that I just finished building.  This little sucker basically took over my life for the past month, and now I don't really know what to do with myself anymore...  I based it on Music From Outer Space's Sound Lab Mini Synth, and pretty muched stayed to his schematics with the exception of squishing the front panel into a tighter area, and leaving out the CV/Gate inputs FOR NOW.

So the next step seems to be trying to get MIDI capability with this thing, so anybody with advice on MIDI-CV conversion, I'd love to hear it.  One's I've been looking at are MFOS's , midibox.org's, and the midimplant

Also, I need a name for this guy so suggestions are appreciated.



No Diggity No Doubt

its catchy yo

good tunes

If you're a Diplo megafan like pacman, you need to cop this.

It's the top ranking dub mixtape he did with santigold (don't know why she changed it from santogold... cept the pronunciation is clearer)

And here's your homework assignment to go with it. Listen to it b/c this ish is classic (and it's 320 to boot!)
Night food by the Heptones. Absolute Jamaican GOLD


Drive-Thru Diet: Thinking Outside the Bun

WTF AMERICA?! A Drive-Thru Diet? really? i hope no one really believes this shit. At least Subway guy lost like 245 lb and kept it off for 10 years! this bitch lost 45 lb. not even that impressive:

also please, take a close close look at this commercial. If you notice the fine print contains the following phrases:
"Her exceptional experience based on average 1250 cal/day."


then it says 7 items under 9 grams of fat..but...
"150-340 calories. NOT A LOW CALORIE FOOD"

then..wait for it....as shes saying "i didnt want to cut out my fast food" (which is complete bullshit) it says at the bottom of the screen
....DUH. i mean come on people. only in America would we have a Drive-Thru Diet. The word "diet" doesn't even technically mean weight loss program. It is technically defined as

diet /di·et/ (di´it) the customary amount and kind of food and drink taken by a person from day to day

So before you eagerly start your weight loss program consisting of tacos and burritos, think about WTF YOURE DOING. it doesnt make sense! Taco Bell is shameless and brilliant duping the American people like that. What a soulless thing to do, but hey..they will probably make mad bank because some people in this world lack a certain sense of common fuckin sense. Thats how you do business.

It's a trap!

In the famous words of Admiral Ackbar, you have found yourself trapped in imminent, impending doom from the imperial fleet. My alias (which is subject to change in the near future) is pac man, and I'm in there piloting the rebellion cruiser with you n shit

let's do it to it!

i like good music and good times. i can't wait to make my first shameless self promotion post next time!!



Arggggggg --welcome all.  Allow me, DJ Dr. Cornmuffin, to be the first to introduce you to our little net-home.  I hope your stay is a pleasant one.  Garg, Pac and myself felt that it's about time that we hop on the internet age that we're living in.

Our aim is to be posting on here pretty regularly, about almost anything: namely...awesome finds on the net, music we make, music we like, anything in the ann arbor area going on that we're particularly excited about...etc etc

So I'll kick things off with vimeo find of this unique motion piece by

Australian multimedia artist Benjamin Ducroz

I've got a feeling that some goodies from the pacman are soon to follow. I'm sitting next to him now and he's getting pretty stoked about finding some pix

PRESS + from benjamin ducroz on Vimeo.