Arggggggg --welcome all.  Allow me, DJ Dr. Cornmuffin, to be the first to introduce you to our little net-home.  I hope your stay is a pleasant one.  Garg, Pac and myself felt that it's about time that we hop on the internet age that we're living in.

Our aim is to be posting on here pretty regularly, about almost anything: namely...awesome finds on the net, music we make, music we like, anything in the ann arbor area going on that we're particularly excited about...etc etc

So I'll kick things off with vimeo find of this unique motion piece by

Australian multimedia artist Benjamin Ducroz

I've got a feeling that some goodies from the pacman are soon to follow. I'm sitting next to him now and he's getting pretty stoked about finding some pix

PRESS + from benjamin ducroz on Vimeo.

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