Dancehall Queen Video

Directed by Pomp&Clout (who have done vids for the likes of Boys Noize, Rusko, Congorock, etc.), Red Foxx and ... Diplo?

Mad indie-hipster cred! Amirite or amirite?

Also! The new Mad Decent forums are (IMO) simultaneously awful and dope.


Clicks & Whistles

Oldschool drum machines, sensual synth stabs and dirty hip hop vibes characterize this American production duo's work. It all seems like some other-worldly, clean-cut, codeine-fueled, dreamscape. This is America's version of UK Funky.

Here are some of their unreleased tunes, but also be sure to buy the new EP on Beatport (I did and it's awesome).

Clicks & Whistles - Hello
Clicks & Whistles - Raw Passion


Hipster Vid Alert: Paradox Box

Wanna get laid by a cute chillwave babe? Show her this video and teach her about Phantom Payn Days, and you'll surely get to 2nd base. Unless your neckbeard gets in the way, you hipster

PHANTOM PAYN DAYS - Paradox Box from Tara Sinn on Vimeo.

Did I mention it was recorded in the 90s?????


Profresher Blacklight lets it Glow

(You haven't heard beats like these. I promise.)

Profresher Blacklight (aka Billy Blacklight, Profresher) is an all-out groove-fiend. His latest 18-track (holy shit that's a lot of tracks) album goes beyond showcasing his musical talent: it puts him high in the ranks of other prominent, west coast bass-music/jamtronic producers (ie EPROM, Pretty Lights).

Crunk-flavored beats and 'neo-g-funk' basslines set a bold stage for the crisp synth lines that cruise on top. Listening to the album from beginning to end is like playing the PS1 Gran Turismo in a subwoofer-laden submarine while sippin' on some 'tussin. There's a late-90s throwback vibe throughout, as well as enough bass to make even the skinniest booty clap 'til dawn.

I recommend 'Falco vs. Starfox,' 'Puddled,' and 'Furtherer,' but if you have the time, put the album on starting with track 1 and listen all the way through.

Y'all should buy this album while you can, because I can assure you that his next release will probably be on Warp and cost ~$15 (and yes, it will still be worth it).

Profresher Blacklight Bandcamp page
Profresher Soundcloud page
Profresher Myspace page