Heard about the bedroom woo-haze of Guerre via one of my favorite blogs No Fear of Pop, and proceeded to find that they've more than made their way around the proverbial blogck (blog block, hehe) with expressed love on a handful of other of my favorite blizzogs (Delicious Scopitone, Life Aquatic, Friends With Both Arms).

If you'd always wanted to hear the stylings of How to Dress Well with more of hip-hop tint, then "Tomorrow, Sundogs" just may be your jam....

Also check out a new tune that they just dropped today, 'Dress You Down' (another uber-soothing slow jammer) via their own blogz, Spiritif Records.  Yeah that's right, all the cool bands have blogs now too :)  -- and these guys are giving away all their music for free there. so snag it before they get rich and famous like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers and try to eat ur soul through People Magazines in the checkout line of ur fav. shopping store. (just kidding....you and i both know that Guerre will eat Miley's face off with their woo-haze bliss)

Guerre - Tomorrow, Sundogs
Guerre - Dress You Down


Take a Cruise to------>>>>Guards

So today I'm about to shuttle my ass back from Chicago to Michigan (again after seeing a particular Detroit reunion to appease my inner youth a couple nights back) to enjoy life in the UP for a few days with some choice compadres.

And Guards are going to take our car off the road. We'll speed about 10 over across the sky, steadily trailing smoke. Guards will be a part of the ink to commit such fleeting moments to an eternal mental canvas. Listening to their new EP (free on their bandcamp) I feel as if I've already heard it in a hundred different places. Pure psychedelic bliss.

Guards- I See It Coming
Guards- Crystal Truth


Taped-out French Funk Master 'Onra'

Somewhere in between the shadows cast by the groove-gods of the past (Dilla, Dre) and the poolside parties of today's chillwave-kids (Toro y Moi) we find the instant-classic beats of Onra. Speakers or headphones, it shouldn't matter--blast this shit (I should note that subs improve the experience tremendously--the slippery basses will cover you in wetness).

Send Me Your Love
High Hopes (feat. Reggie B)

I'm really intrigued by his heavy use of funk/r'n'b. It's like, before hearing this, I thought R'n'B was tasteless and boring, but Onra's dreamy pads and sequenced-out leads create an atmosphere that is not only mind-blowing, but also completely fresh. Fresh like summer, fresh like cool cucumber on a hot day, fresh like a handfull of 'chill bros' drinking oberon w u at 5pm after a day of boating.


Candy Claws Fire

As you may have heard, Colorado's Candy Claws recent had their car caught in a fire while on tour in PA.  All of their equipment was totally destroyed.  Nobody was injured. and the car got fucked for realz.

Shit happens.  And shit certainly has happened to our beloved Candy Claws---  but that hasn't stopped them - For all that's happened to these guys, they couldn't possibly be more optimistic.  In an interview with exlaim.ca they said:

"We just two missed shows: Pittsburgh and DC...but really, it's been great. We got to hang out at a summer camp in PA, and a beautiful farmhouse with a lily pond and a forest and a giant Newfoundland named Jackson. They loaned us a van to get to NY. Here we are!"

So if there's one band in the world sounds like they're fucking troopers and can bear all after a crazy explosion fire car-go-boom AND still have an optimistic enough outlook to carry on w/ half a tour on borrowed equipment and a loaned van  --- that band is none other than candy claws.  We here at Tweaking Trays Incoproated LLC salute you.

Note: this is an especially big salute as we're trying to book our first Mellows tour outside of Michigan right now for the end of August, which requires a lot more effort than any of us had thought possible (yeah, we're finding out the hard way), and the Candy Claws mentality is nothing short of inspiring.

Also, check out this kickass video from a show of theirs before the fire.
Pay special attention to the headbands (I heard they use their headbands for telekensis and other similar super powers)

PS. if you're just as amazed by their awesomeness as we are, Candy Claws' label, TwoSyllable, has set up a donation page for them where you can help these dudes out in getting the money to finance some new equipment, since yeah....all their old equipment got burned to the ground.

rock on 4 evaa-



hey y'alllll

soo...i went to this crazy party last night. it was way out in the fucking boondocks and i was at some point walking in the middle of the woods next to a canal. but it was well worth it cuz this party was rockin with beer, cigarettes, hot indie chicks, sweaty bearded guys and rockin music. and amidst all the local basement metal that was there, the residents of the house came out to play a set; they call themselves The Wholetones and they are fantastic. So good in fact that i actually bought their CD. Who buys CDs anymore?! Anyway, i thought i'd share this recent discovery with the world. hope you guys enjoy it. the songs on their CD are better than the ones on their myspace, but give the Alamo a listen; the guy is a sick tapper.

Crunk as fuck: YounG ToM

Remember the first time you heard Rusko and the bass wobbles completely crushed ur skull? Well listening to Young Tom is kinda like that. You'll have the same sensation of blowing ur mind.

Young Tom - Anthem
M.I.A. - Steppin Up (Young Tom HARD LA! Remix)

Young Tom is the dubstep handle of the Pittsburgh-hailing Tom Holroyd. At the fresh age of 18, he's proven that u don't gotta be some douchebag who studies music production in order to make badass, full fucking beats. (no offense to peeps majoring in music production--wish i was smart enuff to have done that.) What's really cool is that the dude started his music production swag doing mashups, then twerkin some electro steeze w his other/earlier project 'Comic Strips.' (check the g6 rmx--it's a slayer.)

There is something incredibly 'garage' about his tunes. Kinda reminds me of punk in that regard. His beats are raww. They draw u in with distorted wonderment/interest. Ya just need to hear what crazy shit is going to happen next. That crazy shit usually consists of monstrous bass and glitchy/gangster-ass samples. Maybe u could call it ghetto-step? Regardless, YounG ToM is crunk as fuck.

If u in the Pittsburgh area around the 22nd you should check out Tom (as Comic Strips) playin a show as he plans to drop his dubstep work also :D (check the Young Tom Facebook page for more info)


Coma Cinema continues, Business As Usual

I awoke today to be greeted by an awesome new track by musician/blogger/cultivator of hopeful internet label/all around do-gooder commonly known as Coma Cinema. I've been stunned and addicted to his full length, Stoned Alone, which is sort of on Arcade Sound (just get it straight from the man himself. for free.). But more importantly, there is more (speculated) to come- (perhaps) in form of a new EP (allegedly) to be entitled "Suicide Blue".

Business as Usual is a little melancholy, as Mat Cothran recounts personal ruminations on (what seem to be) the sensation of loss, the helplessness of solidarity, and what it feels to stand on the edge of something dreadful.

Yet, you can tell that "no one cares, it's easier to quit" is told ironically- with a wry smile and a heavy heart.

Enough words, more sound. This is totally my jam.

Coma Cinema- Business as Usual


Got so many haterz, they call me Justin Bieber

Have u ever been hated on?
Are u a hater urself?
Is ur 'third eye' in an 'unusual place?'

If u answered anything to any of those questions, then please-- light up your chalice, crank your stereo system and blast this new remix I made of B.o.B's 'Haterz Everywhere (feat. Wes Fif).' (<
[Compare the original with Die Antwoord's 'Enter the Ninja'... if ur thinkin what i'm thinkin then ur like "ummm what?"]

Haterz Everywhere (Subvader Remix)
Haterz Everywhere (Original Mix)

So yeah, thanks for listening! And if you're on soundcloud, be sure to listen to it here (and maybe give it some <3's or comments if u dig it enuff)

B.o.B - Haterz Everywhere (Subvader Remix) by Subvader



Meandering through the night with Day Sleeper

For the past few days, I have been doing some

thinking in circles

forgetting what I'm talking about

staring at inanimate objects.

Perhaps the dreamy, slow bends of math-rocky guitars combined with hazy melodies of Day Sleeper have something to do with this. I was about to say "hopefully", but at this point I don't really even care why. Listen to these tracks and you'll understand.

Day Sleeper- Windows Left Open

Day Sleeper- Wait and Stay

Then download their entire EP, Wonderland Kid for free HERE


Long Time

Been wanting to post some goods by UK chill beatster Star Slinger for quite a while, but the timing has just never seemed quite right....until now.  Just got word of this glorious subterranean chill-hop track via good ole starslinger's tweetfeed today, and it's totally gunna be my 4th of july JAMM all day--

If you haven't heard the slinger's crazy post toro y moi hip-hop sensabilities before, be sure to snag his 11-track debut, Star Slinger - Volume 1 (via bandcamp).

Before peacing outt, just wanna leave you with these last 2 tracks (1 RMX) of his -- straight bud'up


Doctor P and other bros like him

Even though I'm American, for some reason the UK garage/grime-influenced dubstep just sits better with me. I feel like if you could characterize UK dubstep and American dubstep in order to make a metaphor to illustrate the differences between the two, American dubstep would be a post-metal-show-chick who just wants to roll face and and say "womp womp," whereas UK dubstep would be that outcast bro who steals mtn dew from gas stations and plays WoW on weekends with his 'coding buddies.'

Now u can see from that highly illustrative comparison, that American dubstep is, let's face it, more mainstream (and more likely to give killer head). Also, one should note that when I refer to 'American dubstep,' it sorta refers to both American dubstep producers (such as NiT GriT and Bassnectar) as well as the American 'interpretation' of dubstep (the highly music-festival-oriented, post-neo-hippy rave scene). Let's face it, America likes to bastardize/mainstream-ize/mcdonald-ize our shit. I feel like a lot of American dubstep producer bros get 'caught up' in this mindset and IMHO, it is a disservice to the genre and just makes it kinda cheesy. (kinda like an american car or something... just kind of an 'overproduced letdown.')

But UK dubstep producer bros CAN BE CHEESY and STILL BE FRESH. Why? Cuz the UK gets it. Take Doctor P for example--his 'aesthetic' is undoubtedly a bit geeky and fully-cheese-ridden, but it doesn't matter cuz it's 'crazy-lovable' (and pretty trippy/stimulating to a new degree).

This above track is over a year old and it still sounds phat and fresh to me. Maybe this is cuz 'I'm not on the UK level' but srsly the bass sounds tweak me the fuck out.

His newest 'ish' is pretty much mind-blowing as well. He and Flux Pavillion (one of my new favorite producers these days) got together and made this grimey number. I copped it on BeatPort like as soon as it came out cuz I thought it was JUST that fucking powerful.

But does it live up to last yr's 'banger' that put him on the scene to begin w? I'd like to generalize and say that everybody who's ever shown any interest in dubstep ever has prolly heard "Sweet Shop." Undoubtedly, it's a classic and a milestone for the genre.

I'd like to think that Doctor P has a lot more coming out of his 8-bit wizard sleeve, but what do yall think? Do u think 'P M.D.' has moar tunes that will reach 'Sweet shop status?' IDK, but in the meantime, buy his stuff cuz he's just a bro tryin to 'hustle some quids.'

pacman to the outizzle forshizzle my crackerizzles and other brozizzles.
ZAZZLE! (think imma use 'zazzle' for something. just typed it and realized how 'B.A.' it looks/sounds)


Another Great Excuse to Take a Break

I've seen this jam out on a few other blogs recently, but it's really stuck with me. It's Navajo Bixby- a poppy island walk with a pair of shitty headphones playing something golden.

Sorry, no ghost costumes this time.

While we're at it, here's another Navajo vid-