Doctor P and other bros like him

Even though I'm American, for some reason the UK garage/grime-influenced dubstep just sits better with me. I feel like if you could characterize UK dubstep and American dubstep in order to make a metaphor to illustrate the differences between the two, American dubstep would be a post-metal-show-chick who just wants to roll face and and say "womp womp," whereas UK dubstep would be that outcast bro who steals mtn dew from gas stations and plays WoW on weekends with his 'coding buddies.'

Now u can see from that highly illustrative comparison, that American dubstep is, let's face it, more mainstream (and more likely to give killer head). Also, one should note that when I refer to 'American dubstep,' it sorta refers to both American dubstep producers (such as NiT GriT and Bassnectar) as well as the American 'interpretation' of dubstep (the highly music-festival-oriented, post-neo-hippy rave scene). Let's face it, America likes to bastardize/mainstream-ize/mcdonald-ize our shit. I feel like a lot of American dubstep producer bros get 'caught up' in this mindset and IMHO, it is a disservice to the genre and just makes it kinda cheesy. (kinda like an american car or something... just kind of an 'overproduced letdown.')

But UK dubstep producer bros CAN BE CHEESY and STILL BE FRESH. Why? Cuz the UK gets it. Take Doctor P for example--his 'aesthetic' is undoubtedly a bit geeky and fully-cheese-ridden, but it doesn't matter cuz it's 'crazy-lovable' (and pretty trippy/stimulating to a new degree).

This above track is over a year old and it still sounds phat and fresh to me. Maybe this is cuz 'I'm not on the UK level' but srsly the bass sounds tweak me the fuck out.

His newest 'ish' is pretty much mind-blowing as well. He and Flux Pavillion (one of my new favorite producers these days) got together and made this grimey number. I copped it on BeatPort like as soon as it came out cuz I thought it was JUST that fucking powerful.

But does it live up to last yr's 'banger' that put him on the scene to begin w? I'd like to generalize and say that everybody who's ever shown any interest in dubstep ever has prolly heard "Sweet Shop." Undoubtedly, it's a classic and a milestone for the genre.

I'd like to think that Doctor P has a lot more coming out of his 8-bit wizard sleeve, but what do yall think? Do u think 'P M.D.' has moar tunes that will reach 'Sweet shop status?' IDK, but in the meantime, buy his stuff cuz he's just a bro tryin to 'hustle some quids.'

pacman to the outizzle forshizzle my crackerizzles and other brozizzles.
ZAZZLE! (think imma use 'zazzle' for something. just typed it and realized how 'B.A.' it looks/sounds)


Your Ex-Roomate said...

To quote Datsik, "Dr. P says set your faces to stun."

Also, Bassnectar doesn't claim to be dubstep and I really do not think that he can be categorized as such.

Anonymous said...

Always with the assnectar, eh?

Anonymous said...

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