Got so many haterz, they call me Justin Bieber

Have u ever been hated on?
Are u a hater urself?
Is ur 'third eye' in an 'unusual place?'

If u answered anything to any of those questions, then please-- light up your chalice, crank your stereo system and blast this new remix I made of B.o.B's 'Haterz Everywhere (feat. Wes Fif).' (<
[Compare the original with Die Antwoord's 'Enter the Ninja'... if ur thinkin what i'm thinkin then ur like "ummm what?"]

Haterz Everywhere (Subvader Remix)
Haterz Everywhere (Original Mix)

So yeah, thanks for listening! And if you're on soundcloud, be sure to listen to it here (and maybe give it some <3's or comments if u dig it enuff)

B.o.B - Haterz Everywhere (Subvader Remix) by Subvader


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Hanna said...

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