Coma Cinema continues, Business As Usual

I awoke today to be greeted by an awesome new track by musician/blogger/cultivator of hopeful internet label/all around do-gooder commonly known as Coma Cinema. I've been stunned and addicted to his full length, Stoned Alone, which is sort of on Arcade Sound (just get it straight from the man himself. for free.). But more importantly, there is more (speculated) to come- (perhaps) in form of a new EP (allegedly) to be entitled "Suicide Blue".

Business as Usual is a little melancholy, as Mat Cothran recounts personal ruminations on (what seem to be) the sensation of loss, the helplessness of solidarity, and what it feels to stand on the edge of something dreadful.

Yet, you can tell that "no one cares, it's easier to quit" is told ironically- with a wry smile and a heavy heart.

Enough words, more sound. This is totally my jam.

Coma Cinema- Business as Usual

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jenny said...

mat cothran is godly