Heard about the bedroom woo-haze of Guerre via one of my favorite blogs No Fear of Pop, and proceeded to find that they've more than made their way around the proverbial blogck (blog block, hehe) with expressed love on a handful of other of my favorite blizzogs (Delicious Scopitone, Life Aquatic, Friends With Both Arms).

If you'd always wanted to hear the stylings of How to Dress Well with more of hip-hop tint, then "Tomorrow, Sundogs" just may be your jam....

Also check out a new tune that they just dropped today, 'Dress You Down' (another uber-soothing slow jammer) via their own blogz, Spiritif Records.  Yeah that's right, all the cool bands have blogs now too :)  -- and these guys are giving away all their music for free there. so snag it before they get rich and famous like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers and try to eat ur soul through People Magazines in the checkout line of ur fav. shopping store. (just kidding....you and i both know that Guerre will eat Miley's face off with their woo-haze bliss)

Guerre - Tomorrow, Sundogs
Guerre - Dress You Down

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