Today Can't Possibly Be THAT Bad

...at least if you get the chance to check out the latest video by Super Desserts.

A flock of folk musicians. A beautiful voice gliding above. A tongue in your cheek or a tear dripping from an eyelash.

Well, actually, on second thought, I think that big fat fucking grin says it all. You don't have to go anywhere near Ohio to check out more Super Desserts, their whole whole discography can be found at their bandcamp.

Oh and @Subvader/@Pacman/@Corlett-> I've seen you dip to some 'nectar. It's sort of like if you liked the Casualties as a kid. Except that the Casualties have always sucked. Majorly. And will continue to. Up the bloxgxsxs!

The line again is crossed......

...and no i'm not talking about pacman's wacky dubstep posts
[<3 for pac'y, and <3 for the nittygritttyyy]

I'm talking about the new irresistible synth-pop gem from Montreal's Glam/Shoegaze/Glam outfit Cherry Chapstick, The Line.  Just got an email with these 2 tracks last night from their guitarist, Nigel Ward.   Let's just say that these guys have a way about raw dancey synth pop that I haven't seen in quite some time.  You can see their production efforts applied elsewhere via the wonderful b/w track off their new single: a fast paced reverbed revamp of Precious Necklace (Be Good To Me) by Silly Kissers.

Cherry Chapstick - The Line
Cherry Chapstick - Precious Necklace (Be Good To Me) - A Silly Kissers Reimagining

And if you don't already feel like you're floating in mid air when listening to these space jams -- try watching this makeshift music video of The Line featuring clips from the trailer for Johnny 316.


NiT GriT: Genius or Retard?

(sorry for saying "retard" in the title. i did it for the 'lulz')

I first heard of NiT GriT this past February when my ex-roommate (who is a complete dubstep noob and fills his playlists with 'hits' from the likes of Bassnectar) played me some of his tracks from his soundcloud. At first, I thought it was just some more shit--note his boringly ubiquitous wobble-bass 'roar' in some of his early tracks (such as 'One Love'). But after following his carrier label, Simplify Recordings (on twitter), I clicked a link that lead to NiT GriT's new 'single' (below)

Now, all 'COD'-styled profile pic images aside, how does his production truly rate? Although I bet he's using Fruity Loops as his standby 'DAW,' you can't deny his technical ability. He's no slowby when it comes to gettting a 'full' sound. If sounds were like diapers, his would be bursting at the seems. But this isn't that amazing, really. How many super-talented 'bedroom engineers' are out there today making subpar dubstep? Hundreds. What strikes me about his tunes is his ability to integrate 'sad/sorrowful' melodies into his bass licks. <<&lt;---THIS IS WHAT I LIKE ABOUT HIS MUSIC

NiT GriT - Grit Shifter
NiT GriT - Lupin
(dude, srsly? ur capitalizing some of ur letters? what are u, some 14yr-old girl from inner-city Detroit?)

...And to be honest, this is all it takes for his tunes to kick ass. This guy--an AMERICAN dubstep producer nonetheless--understands that chordal progressions are important. It hooks people and keeps them hooked for a long time. It gives the song a 'soul.' It makes me cry a little sometimes if I'm alone. His melody 'lead' hooks are sometimes a little lacking, but the bass always sounds fucking full, and that's enough to keep a dancefloor moving, so yeah. awesome.

(classic gangster 'street' pose)

But then u go 2 his soundcloud and download his tracks (which many are free--awesome. All of them were uploaded via .WAV--NOT FUCKING AWESOME, DUDE), and u find that not only are they not 320's, but they're bizarrely named when you import em into iTunes. His sound is professional, and the fact that he's signed to a halfway legit label is... well, legit. But his logo's and all that are really lacking.

-PACMAN aka subVader
(what, like you didn't already know?)


Relajacion con Persona La Ave y Locura con Gobble Gobble

The past week, through the hectic meanderings of my mundane life, I've realized that I need to


And now I can, thanks to some new jams by Persona La Ave. On their latest slew of releases, Persona La Ave utilizes a refreshing wash of warm synth tones, crisp percussion, and creative samples that take you destination to destination/ realization to realization/ texture to texture. You can download their newest tracks at their bandcamp fo' freeeeeee; take a listen to a couple choice favorites below.

...but if I've learned anything about the way in which I chill out, I can anticipate on being manic as FUCK within the next day or so. In anticipation, check out the GOBBLE GOBBLE revamp of Persona La Ave's "Beach", as well as his new Beko digital single, all found below. Shit is crazy, man.

Your World, Delivered.

    Grand Tetons  |  Badlands  |  Craters of the Moon  |  Yellowstone
    See you on the other side

    Until next time...
    ...keep on Tweaking


Only Bleeding

Phillip Oskar Augustine released his debut full length tape, Unkown Patterns, on Bathetic Records earlier this year.  The tape is now sold out, but you can check out some tracks below and if you like, download the full album for free (via Summer Time in Hell).

Blending pop vocal melodies ala Panda Bear with an instrumental space truly his own of rippling guitar licks and march tempo snare, Phillip Oskar Augustine has been dominating my playlist the past few weeks.  I'm speaking specifically here of Only Bleeding (one of my favorites tracks off Unknown Patterns), but don't worry...the album as a whole more than lives up to the precedent set by this track :)

Phillip Oskar Augustine - Only Bleeding



GOBBLE GOBBLE has been making waves around the music scene for quite some time now, and it's about time we acknowledge our undying love for Cecil Frena and the whole GOBBLEGBL crew here in Ann Arbor.  In fact, if you're a 'Michigander' yourself, you should know that Gobble Gobble will be bringing their pychadelic freak/tweak out to Ann Arbor for a show at our very own Tweaker Pad in September (more info on that in the coming months)

Be on the lookout for what seems to be a Lawn Knives 7" (listen below) in the coming months via our super pals over at Royal Rhino Flying Records, and if you're as obsessed with GBL's glitchy lo-fi hyper-speed remixes as much as I am, check out a whole FREE ZIP worth of spine tickling remixes on their Tumblr--




Ghost Animal. Ghost Animal. Ghost Animal.

Howling distortion. Floating vocals amidst waves of lo-fi bliss. A cocked eyebrow. Hooks that resonate in your head played by two buzzsaw guitars. California Summertime.

Internet amigas/os, I wouldn't be speaking to you so directly unless-

a) this were a suicide note

b) I wanted to have sex with you

c) Ghost Animal's newest single was fucking ill.

The answer is thankfully b. and c.

Ghost Animal- California Summertime Pt. 1

p.s. new GA > Wvvvvvvv


Today is a special day my friends, a special day indeed....but no, I'm not talking about getting your 'world cup nut' for the 7th day in a row (although if you'd like to read this post in true world cup fashion, be our guest)

Today we welcome our good friend Jeremy M. aboard the S.S. Tweaking.  You may know J-doggg via his stellar remixes of Yeah Yeah Yeah's or Crystal Castles under the Moniker Professor Purple.  But what you probably don't know is that he makes his turntables blow up....literally (see photo above).

Currently Jeremy's out in Pittsburgh for the warmer months, but will be back in the lovely Ann Arbor come September.  In the meantime, he's heading abroad to europe for a bit, so be on the look out for his debut post from across the oh so beautiful ocean in the coming week or so.

See below for the Prof's killer rmx of Crystal Castle's Celestica, as well as a previously unreleased track from his solo tapey-beat/electronic music project Chrome Sparks (a beautiful mesh of blogorific hazyjamz with the high fidelity perfection of a chinaman) Jeremy's also currently working on finishing up a Chrome Sparks EP to be released via Tweaking later this summer...and we couldn't be more stoked.


with love,


Sunbeam Rd - Turtles, Magnets, Animals EP

San Francisco's Sunbeam Rd are releasing their new EP- Turtles, Magnets, Animals TODAY on their Bandcamp (cassettes seemingly available as well). Here at Tweaking, we love well-done psych rock more than we love houseboats. And we fucking love that shit. So where does this leave us? Thoroughly stoked.

Turtles, Magnets, Animals is a lush, rolling waltz of spaced-out indie jams and memorable hooks. Listening to the EP, I feel like I'm taking a peculiar walk through a damp night, passing through thoughts amidst brilliant reflections of streetlights and the stars overhead. Perhaps still a little blazed. But perhaps not. Perhaps you should just judge for yourself.

I'm definitely keeping an eager eye on Sunbeam Rd. But if I were in California, I'd probably treat my eyes to seeing them live on their upcoming mini-tour.

Check out my favorite tracks off the record below-


Blackbird Blackbird + Double Denim Records

Recent internet pal and overall great dude Mikey Sanders, aka Blackbird Blackbird, just announced today that he'll be dropping a split 7" on Double Denim Records (UK) for DDR's debut physical, and I'm more than pumped.

The A-side will have two Blackbird Blackbird songs on it, "Pure" and "So Sorry, Girl".....and the B-side will feature another artist TBA next friday.  So if you wanna be in the know, be sure to be checking DDR's tumblr at the tail end of next week.

Preview Mikey's two tracks for the split 7" below, and if you dig tunes, then dig a bit into your pockets as well and shove out the measly £5.00 to pre-order this hot bit of wax now.