Subvader remixes Kavinsky

Our very own resident 'womperman' SUBVADER has just given us the link to a new track and we're goin gaga for it!

Nightcall (Subvader Remix)

The vader-meister has gone all out on this deep, deep, vastly deep track, showing us that there's (a shit-ton) more to dubstep than a melody-less, wobbly 'WAMP WAMP.' He retains a similar melody to the original but then takes it to some otherworldly space odyssey shit. After listening to it, I feel like I'm in a rave in deepspace where we're kinda floatin around in astro suits outside the starcraft and i just took a hit of DMT. Please crank your speakers when listening to it, and if possible, take some drugs (preferably hallucinogens).

please give it some hearts on soundcloud because this track was made for a COMPETITION! and the track with the most hearts wins some shit and gets mad street cred. maybe you could even tweet @kavinsky himself and tell him how awesome you think it is. please vote for it tho! spread the word on twitter or facebook or whatever! here's the tiny link: http://tiny.cc/n5nqz ! plz spread tha word yallzz!

alzooo-->>> follow SUBVADER ON TWITTAAAAHHH!!! he's cool. i promise.

i love you guys,

dubstep loves you guys,
womp womp

don't ever say womp womp or subvader might blast u w his lazy beams


Adrian said...

Shit I've listened to this track 6 times in a row.

Titties said...

Way to be a champ and actually comment on the blog, Adrian.

Chen said...

Way to be a champ and actually comment on the blog, Adrian.