GOBBLE GOBBLE has been making waves around the music scene for quite some time now, and it's about time we acknowledge our undying love for Cecil Frena and the whole GOBBLEGBL crew here in Ann Arbor.  In fact, if you're a 'Michigander' yourself, you should know that Gobble Gobble will be bringing their pychadelic freak/tweak out to Ann Arbor for a show at our very own Tweaker Pad in September (more info on that in the coming months)

Be on the lookout for what seems to be a Lawn Knives 7" (listen below) in the coming months via our super pals over at Royal Rhino Flying Records, and if you're as obsessed with GBL's glitchy lo-fi hyper-speed remixes as much as I am, check out a whole FREE ZIP worth of spine tickling remixes on their Tumblr--


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