The line again is crossed......

...and no i'm not talking about pacman's wacky dubstep posts
[<3 for pac'y, and <3 for the nittygritttyyy]

I'm talking about the new irresistible synth-pop gem from Montreal's Glam/Shoegaze/Glam outfit Cherry Chapstick, The Line.  Just got an email with these 2 tracks last night from their guitarist, Nigel Ward.   Let's just say that these guys have a way about raw dancey synth pop that I haven't seen in quite some time.  You can see their production efforts applied elsewhere via the wonderful b/w track off their new single: a fast paced reverbed revamp of Precious Necklace (Be Good To Me) by Silly Kissers.

Cherry Chapstick - The Line
Cherry Chapstick - Precious Necklace (Be Good To Me) - A Silly Kissers Reimagining

And if you don't already feel like you're floating in mid air when listening to these space jams -- try watching this makeshift music video of The Line featuring clips from the trailer for Johnny 316.

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