Tweaking Trays brings you our 1st single!!

Our favorite knob-twister Kohwi just finalized his first single release with "The Otter Twice." We could not be more excited to bring you this work that incorporates field recordings, glitched loops, and guitar drones. These techniques combine to form a chaotic mesh that slowly dissipates and evolves into a bed of warm synthetic textures and a driving backbeat that carries the song through to the end.  Kohwi is currently working on his debut full length (as of yet, untitled) which is due to drop sometime in late summer / early fall 2010.

Kohwi - The Otter Twice (TT002)

And, as always here at Tweaking Trays, we have it for you fo' free!! That's right. We don't believe in money:

>>>>>>Download via Bandcamp
>>>>>>Download via Mediafire

(these links are also on our releases page. Ch-ch-ch-chch-checkitout!)

Oh ya, and stay tuned for our COMPILATIONS EP!!! (artists and songs tba, but we have a bundle of tracks that we're excited about--just ain't quite finalized yet)

With much tweaking love, pride and joy,
Pacman XD


WCBN's Post Fundraiser Bash

Hey all,

Just a quick plug here for tonight's Freeform Cabaret Post-Fundraiser Bash at the Blind Pig tonight.  Should be a crazy night, so make sure to get there early & stay late.  If you're not in town, don't worry!  The entire show will be broadcasted live over the radio-shmadio airwaves via WCBN (88.3fm) and on WCBN's online stream @ www.wcbn.org

8pm doors (yes that's 8:00pm even though the blind pig website says 9:30 doors...they lie!)

8:30-8:45 Legendary Creature

8:55-9:15 Mellows

9:25-9:45 Uh-Ohs

9:55-10:15 Lawn Care

10:25-10:45 Looking for Mammoths

10:55-11:15 Tokyo Sexwhale

11:30-12:00 Secret Twins

12:15-12:45 Old Soul Quintet

1:00-1:30 City Center

Support your 100% volunteer operated freeform radio!


All Hail Bedroom Production: Primary 1 + Boas

Got some more lovelies for you all.

UK bedroom producer Primary 1 has recently gotten picked up my major label (not to be confused with Major Lazer) Atlantic Records, but that doesn't stop him from releasing Mess Detective, a full continuous 41 minutes of british bedroom pop-funk demos, for free via his website.  Check out the video of the album's closer below, and download the whole 15 track Mess Detective straight from his site, here!  I see this guy as a more honed and accessible Max Tundra (who's cut and paste pop album, Parallax Error Beheads You, was one of my favorites of '08) but Primary 1's clear funk/soul influences are what really make him standout as a bedroom electronic producer.

On a much smaller scale than signing for Atlantic, here we have Boas, a solo project of Richmond, VA's Tyler Newbold. Just got word of his debut s/t album via Richmond bloggers Ongakubaka, which you can also download for free via Boas' bandcamp site. Finding a place somewhere nestled deeply in between today's overhyped chillwave/Animal Collective stylings and more traditional ambient / IDM, there's something strangely fresh about Boas' sound. Maybe it's the in your face crisp drums overlaying droney vocals on tracks like Imagine Fire juxtaposed then with the ambient bliss in the middle of Reaching.... Either way you'll find that the sounds draw you in and never let your attention span draw you too far away from your headphones. The fifth track on the album, Dipole seems to be a turning point from more vocal centered songs to the world of acid-synths and spliced and diced breakbeats, but it never seems like he's taking you too far from home. Listen to Five Trees below and be sure to check out the whole album on bandcamp as well.

<a href="http://boas.bandcamp.com/track/five-trees">Five Trees by Boas</a>


west michigan dubstep scene is born!!

hey y'all, this is your palzy subvader (cuz the pacman let me use his account to post this meself) and i am proud to say that west michigan finally has the foundation for a killer dubstep scene!

the peeps behind this movement are known as DUBSTEP-G.R. (That's right, they're based in Grand Rapids, MI!) AND, they've been kind enough to not only feature my mixtape in their myspace player, but also write a little blurb and have me as a featured artist! BIG UPS Y'ALL!!

ben steele (aka B-sKID) and cody madison (aka trip) got this entertainment group together not even a month ago and they already have some super-rad plans. a little bird told me they are planning on blasting their soundsystem to celebrate 4/20 this year, and it sounds like i'm going to be making some appearances on their bills later this summer--i couldn't be more stoked!

i'm sure pacman will continue to post about these guys, SRSLY STAY TUNED!!!


A Little Something to Tweak out to...

Ever wanted to hear the song of the solar system?

White Vinyl Design
has created quite the music box, but unlike modern planetary scientists, they don't discriminate against Pluto.

Check out and manipulate the SolarBeat here.

For those who cried in bed wishing they were at SXSW.....

So you probably deserve some sort of medal if you managed to get through the last week without being bombarded by massive amounts of tweets, RSS'es, and blog-posts about SXSW....

It sure seems like every 5 minutes, whether intended or not, I found myself reading about whats going down in Austin, and wishing I was there...Lucky for me I had the Shake Some Action Samplers to keep me alive!  This 3-day show last week, curated by Weekly Tape Deck, Transparent Blog, Indie-Verse Radio, Yours Truly, Underwater Peoples, and Friendship Bracelet had by far the biggest number of awesome bands that I'd never heard of in one show (granted it stretched over 3 days...but who's counting?).

How do I know how awesome these bands are, seeing that I wasn't at SXSW you may ask??? Because in addition to throwing together a showcase of godly proportions, these folks created 2 (yes count them, TWO) zip files of 17-18 tracks each featuring songs from the bands to be featured during the 3 days that were posted online FOR FREE via mediafire.

Needless to say, I've found countless new bands to be looking out for this year thanks to these guys. A bunch of my favorites are available for streaming below, but be sure to download both full zips and SHAKE SOME ACTION!


As for the tracks on my "favorites" list below, MillionYoung is a guy I've been aware of for quite a while (I've been waiting for a chance to post some of his material on here!) but the other 5 bands were all new finds for me thanks to the folks that put this party together!


News on the Tweaking Horizon!

Don't know what's going on wherever you are, but the weather in Ann Arbor has gotten soo nice recently.....I think we can say it's spring?


Lots of sweet news on the Tweaking front....

1.  Mellows @ UMMA!

Mellows will be performing @ UMMA (Univ. of Michigan Museum of Art) in the commons this Thursday at 8:00pm alongside local folk hero Nathan K.  The commons is the glassed in area facing the diag (not the glassed in area with the rotating art exhibit).  It's usually filled with tables and chairs, but those will be cleared out for the show.  The show is part of UMMA's monthly Third Thursday performance series.

RSVP on the facebook Event HERE!

2.  Subvader single to be released on Trenchant next month!

We've just gotten word from Trenchant Dubs that their compilation EP feat. Subvader's "Y'all Can't Handle Me" will be released sometime next month (April)...so mark your calendars.  Pete (subvader) has also been working diligently on finishing up the rest of the tracks for his Arctica EP, which is due to drop sometime this summer.

Y'all Can't Handle Me by Subvader

3.  Kohwi remixes Seams + more...

Introducing Tweaking's most recent addition to the crew:  I bring you Kohwi.

Seams - Nightcycles (Kohwi Remix)  by  Kohwi

Unfortunately, the final product wasn't finished in time for it to go on Seams' Nightcycles + RMXS 12" release (set for April 26th on Tough Love Records), but if you subscribe to Seams' email list, you do get the Kohwi remix as a bonus free download.

Aside from the Nightcycles Remix, there are a couple other great tracks worth checking out if you head over to Kohwi's new and revamped myspace-home.  Future plans for Kohwi include a couple free singles TBA in the near future, and a stellar mixtape that should be hitting the tweaking site within the next two weeks.

4.  WCBN Fundraiser!

That's right.  We all here at tweaking sure as hell love WCBN, and from last Friday through next Sunday marks WCBN's official annual Fundraiser.  So remember, if you're a local, to proudly show your support  for your favorite 100% Volunteer Operated FREEFORM MAYHEM radio station.

On a personal note, I've got a special Fundraiser edition of DjDr Cornmuffin's Magical Mystery Hour lined up for Tomorrow/Tonight.  That's this Tuesday from 11pm-1am.  Should be a really great show, so be sure to tune in 88.3fm or stream it online!


from the vault

wassup motherfuckers, long time no see. recently, a man, nay, a god of music has returned from the dead. such a thing as death could not stop the power of his music, which is why Jimi Hendrix has just released Valleys of Neptune. actually, his sister or some shit just let them release a bunch of tracks that were never released that Jimi had. Needless to say, it is quite an album. The music that Hendrix deemed unfit to release already surpasses others by leaps and bounds. so enjoy this music from beyond the grave.



So who is this Gonjasufi that all the blogs have been raving about? I'm not sure if it's a duo or a single dude or what (it's totally the hobo character on the left), but apparently the act is signed to Warp and has had four releases so far (3 of which were done this year!!!).

I'm really considering pre-ordering the vinyl version of his latest release (put out today!!), "A Sufi & a Killer." To me, it sounds a lot like if Madlib fucked Cocorosie, had a kid, and that kid was two hours into a two-tab acid trip in the middle of a block of compton that had been teleported (buildings and all) into the middle of some middle eastern desert. They got that psychadelic, beat poppin', crooning sound goin on (as utterly bizarre as that sounds).

Don't believe that this unique fusion sounds good? Download this track that I got off of some random sampler I copped from a mediafire search (sorry it's a 128). Granted, this is MY favorite track so far--there are many more. Get the bootleg thingie here. Or buy at iTunes if you want to support corporate douchebaggery and underpay the artist.

There's a really lovably familiar tape sound reminiscent of campy 60s horror flicks that serves you a flickering, crooning, creepy, drugged out feel. It contrasts really well with some of my other favorite artists on Warp (Rustie, Hudson Mohawke) who have the same home-made vibe, but more gameboy and less opium den.

But I loves me that opium den,

Cults / puredata

So to continue on the binge of hybrid new music / technology inspired visual art posts..........

Cults is a new 60's retro pop duo with absolutely nothing on the net aside from a free 3-track EP on their bandcamp and a boatload of blogbuzz. Found these guys on GvB and when googling them it seems that all you can find is yet another review of the most lovable of their 3 tracks thus far, Go Outside.

Really great, catchy track! Looking forward to hearing more from this crew.

<a href="http://cults.bandcamp.com/album/cults-7">Go Outside by Cults</a>


On another, completely seperate, note. Been finding some really interesting tutorials on using Puredata for live VJ setups. Puredata is essentially an opensource version of MaxMSP which is a graphical programming environment for music and multimedia. What was new to me, is that there's acutally a puredata-extended package, GEM, which provides realtime video processing similar to that of the Jitter package for Max/MSP.

Below are a few great video's I've found, one with a step by step tutorial of making a video mixer in Pd, and the other is an example of some really cool visual patches in Pd, with a link to a
zip file of the actual patch so you can download it and fool around with it yourself.  You can download Puredata for free here, but if you plan on doing video, make sure you download Puredata-extended so that you get the GEM package as well.

In other news, Mellows recording is fully underway (we'll be sure to keep you posted on that), and we're slowly acquiring a really exciting collection of tracks for the upcoming Tweaking Trays compilation! SUPER EXCITING YO!

If you have any interest in tweaking with us, don't hesitate to email: tweakingtrays@gmail.com, or send an audio file to our soundcloud dropbox over there on the right>>>>>>

Keep it real,



Generative Art + Robot Koch + FUR + Mount Kimbie

Some great generative art photographs via But Does It Float.  Yet another art form that I wish I could find the time to dabble in, but all I end up doing is scrounging the web finding pictures and wishing I could do it myself.  'But Does It Float" is a visual art blog that I have really been digging recently. They often put up posts of incredible photos from a certain theme/medium along with strangely intriguing captions such as "Now we are aiming our technologies inward where they will start to merge with our minds, our memories, our metabolisms, our personalities, our progeny, and perhaps our souls", which is the title for this post.


I've had the the album Death Star Droid by Robot Koch for a good month or so now, and it's got a really unique blend of electronic, trip-hop, and even some dubstep elements in a few of their songs.  Think Ratatat meets Nosaj Thing for this track.

FUR is solo project of Bryce Isbell, whose debut full length, Witches, was just released on Waaga Records sometime last week.  Instrumental chill-wave with a smooth, retro synth textures, and an ethereal psychadelic beat that feels so on.  Lackadaisical is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

I can't remember what blog it was that I found Mount Kimbie on but that was another recent find of mine that really caught me by surprise.  Their track Maybes, off the 4-track EP by the same title, begins with a beautiful droney/ambient 3-chord guitar loop that fully kicks in after about a minute with a solid percussion / vocal sample based beat.

I'm actually working another track of Mount Kimbie's into my upcoming debut Mixtape which hopefully will be wrapping up sometime within the next week or two. --So stay tuned for more on that.  As of now most of my time is being spent working with the Mellows crew on recording their full length, which let me say...is already sounding pretty awesome.

and if you want do DL the playlist below, use this divshare link.



Recording the Mellows LP [pt 1]

mellows in the studio w the dj dr. oh ya