For those who cried in bed wishing they were at SXSW.....

So you probably deserve some sort of medal if you managed to get through the last week without being bombarded by massive amounts of tweets, RSS'es, and blog-posts about SXSW....

It sure seems like every 5 minutes, whether intended or not, I found myself reading about whats going down in Austin, and wishing I was there...Lucky for me I had the Shake Some Action Samplers to keep me alive!  This 3-day show last week, curated by Weekly Tape Deck, Transparent Blog, Indie-Verse Radio, Yours Truly, Underwater Peoples, and Friendship Bracelet had by far the biggest number of awesome bands that I'd never heard of in one show (granted it stretched over 3 days...but who's counting?).

How do I know how awesome these bands are, seeing that I wasn't at SXSW you may ask??? Because in addition to throwing together a showcase of godly proportions, these folks created 2 (yes count them, TWO) zip files of 17-18 tracks each featuring songs from the bands to be featured during the 3 days that were posted online FOR FREE via mediafire.

Needless to say, I've found countless new bands to be looking out for this year thanks to these guys. A bunch of my favorites are available for streaming below, but be sure to download both full zips and SHAKE SOME ACTION!


As for the tracks on my "favorites" list below, MillionYoung is a guy I've been aware of for quite a while (I've been waiting for a chance to post some of his material on here!) but the other 5 bands were all new finds for me thanks to the folks that put this party together!

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