Tweaking Trays brings you our 1st single!!

Our favorite knob-twister Kohwi just finalized his first single release with "The Otter Twice." We could not be more excited to bring you this work that incorporates field recordings, glitched loops, and guitar drones. These techniques combine to form a chaotic mesh that slowly dissipates and evolves into a bed of warm synthetic textures and a driving backbeat that carries the song through to the end.  Kohwi is currently working on his debut full length (as of yet, untitled) which is due to drop sometime in late summer / early fall 2010.

Kohwi - The Otter Twice (TT002)

And, as always here at Tweaking Trays, we have it for you fo' free!! That's right. We don't believe in money:

>>>>>>Download via Bandcamp
>>>>>>Download via Mediafire

(these links are also on our releases page. Ch-ch-ch-chch-checkitout!)

Oh ya, and stay tuned for our COMPILATIONS EP!!! (artists and songs tba, but we have a bundle of tracks that we're excited about--just ain't quite finalized yet)

With much tweaking love, pride and joy,
Pacman XD

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