west michigan dubstep scene is born!!

hey y'all, this is your palzy subvader (cuz the pacman let me use his account to post this meself) and i am proud to say that west michigan finally has the foundation for a killer dubstep scene!

the peeps behind this movement are known as DUBSTEP-G.R. (That's right, they're based in Grand Rapids, MI!) AND, they've been kind enough to not only feature my mixtape in their myspace player, but also write a little blurb and have me as a featured artist! BIG UPS Y'ALL!!

ben steele (aka B-sKID) and cody madison (aka trip) got this entertainment group together not even a month ago and they already have some super-rad plans. a little bird told me they are planning on blasting their soundsystem to celebrate 4/20 this year, and it sounds like i'm going to be making some appearances on their bills later this summer--i couldn't be more stoked!

i'm sure pacman will continue to post about these guys, SRSLY STAY TUNED!!!


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