So who is this Gonjasufi that all the blogs have been raving about? I'm not sure if it's a duo or a single dude or what (it's totally the hobo character on the left), but apparently the act is signed to Warp and has had four releases so far (3 of which were done this year!!!).

I'm really considering pre-ordering the vinyl version of his latest release (put out today!!), "A Sufi & a Killer." To me, it sounds a lot like if Madlib fucked Cocorosie, had a kid, and that kid was two hours into a two-tab acid trip in the middle of a block of compton that had been teleported (buildings and all) into the middle of some middle eastern desert. They got that psychadelic, beat poppin', crooning sound goin on (as utterly bizarre as that sounds).

Don't believe that this unique fusion sounds good? Download this track that I got off of some random sampler I copped from a mediafire search (sorry it's a 128). Granted, this is MY favorite track so far--there are many more. Get the bootleg thingie here. Or buy at iTunes if you want to support corporate douchebaggery and underpay the artist.

There's a really lovably familiar tape sound reminiscent of campy 60s horror flicks that serves you a flickering, crooning, creepy, drugged out feel. It contrasts really well with some of my other favorite artists on Warp (Rustie, Hudson Mohawke) who have the same home-made vibe, but more gameboy and less opium den.

But I loves me that opium den,

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