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Candy Claws - Two Airships/Exploder Falls (2008)
Recently got word of this free 2-track EP over at Peppermill Records from a source I can't quite remember.

Bottom line: Candy Claws have been tearing up my iTunes playcount and my shitty speakers silmultaneously for the past week.

These 2 tracks, Two Airships and Exploder Falls round up each at roughly 12 and 17 minutes a piece, totalling to about 30 minutes of crazy exploding instrumental electronics.  The songs move between noise, more dancy / lo-fi disco vibes, and glitch all abound.  The result is a wash of beats with constantly changing shape and form that without a doubt legitimize their 10+ minute duration.


Candy Claws - Exploder Falls

Download the full 2 tracks for free via Peppermill Records.

Check back in a few days for another one of my favorite finds from peppermill!



jacque coustiou or however u spell it said...

disco? really djdr? that ain't nothin like disco

Anonymous said...

definitely sounds like they're using some blackmoth super synths