Heard about this dude earlier this week from my pal Brian over at When We Were Younger and Better.

Baths is the solo project of Will Wiesenfeld, hailing from Los Angeles, and currently about to start a residency at LA's infamous Low End Theory. The sound seems to be a modern match of the broken hip/hop of FlyLo, and recent Bibio with the pop sensible vocals and side-chain compressed synth-bliss of Toro Y Moi.

"Maximalist" does an incredible job of mixing together bibio styled hip-hop beats with some gorgeous synth textures and vocal samples: A real killer track for the getting your summer started right.

If you think you've got him figured out from that one track, take another look. "Hall" comes across at first with a spazzed-out speed-altered-samples intro, and blisses out when the beat is joined by his soothing falsetto and gorgeous harmonies.


Be on the lookout for his debut full length "Cerulean" out on June 22 via Anticon!


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GENIE said...

gotta love the guy devouring the chipotle burrito in the front row