I drove my car into a cop car the other day

...well he just drove off (and left me with this sweet cover) sometimes life's ok.

Just caught wind of this little bird the other day, Bye Bye Blackbird to be exact,  who recently did a great synth-driven, drugged-out, and beat heavy cover of Modest Mouse's Float On, available for free via their bandcamp.  Very brief, but like all of their tracks, it just leaves me wanting more!


Check out their debut EP, Happy High, available now for free from from those awesome folks at Arcade Sound Ltd. (MillionYoung, Magic Man)

The EP consists of 4 tracks, none of which clock in over 2:40 seconds.  Reverbed blissful vocals and retro drum/synth sequencers might sound like the description of every other band you hear of these days, but these guys know how to play the 'short and sweet' game better than anyone I've heard since the 2-minute pop-punk song.

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