It's April and....

I'm swamped with finals.  Big whoop!

Got a lot of stuff I've been wanting to post about recently, but with my brain being hacked by Csound and Poincare Duality there isn't much room for blogging.

However, in light of all this swampness there seems to be a little room for procrastination, eh?

I now present you with the one track that's been blissing out my brain all day.  Caribou has done it again with new album Swim, and even put up a remix contest for one of my favorite tracks on the album, Sun.

Enter new Waaga Records signee Spirituals (a solo project of sample-based electronic musician / drummer / producer / graphic artist Tyler Tadlock) and you've got one of early summers first splice and dice irresistable dance tracks.  Tadlock does an incredible job here of taking an already great track, and turning into something very much his own with added jazz samples of horns and drums.

Be on the look out for Spirituals' new album due out on Waaga Records on June 22nd--


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