subvasion!! subvader single!

Subvader's 1st single, 'Y'all Can't Handle Me,' just got released! Heard it in a mix by some dubstem forum's dj's show and thought it was pretty wicked. I like when the dj's all like 'whoo-o-o-oahh phaze mann!'

The other songs on the Bloodlines EP are awesome. I seriously love the chillstep vibes-->great for coolin ya down in the summer heat! EDS, J Courage and Aquadrop are awesome, very creative producers.
You can buy it on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, among some others. All Subvader's other music will be given away for free.

Speaking of, his ep is soon to come out! all 4 tracks are done and mastered and ready to be sent out! Stay tuned!!

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