Relajacion con Persona La Ave y Locura con Gobble Gobble

The past week, through the hectic meanderings of my mundane life, I've realized that I need to


And now I can, thanks to some new jams by Persona La Ave. On their latest slew of releases, Persona La Ave utilizes a refreshing wash of warm synth tones, crisp percussion, and creative samples that take you destination to destination/ realization to realization/ texture to texture. You can download their newest tracks at their bandcamp fo' freeeeeee; take a listen to a couple choice favorites below.

...but if I've learned anything about the way in which I chill out, I can anticipate on being manic as FUCK within the next day or so. In anticipation, check out the GOBBLE GOBBLE revamp of Persona La Ave's "Beach", as well as his new Beko digital single, all found below. Shit is crazy, man.

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