Crunk as fuck: YounG ToM

Remember the first time you heard Rusko and the bass wobbles completely crushed ur skull? Well listening to Young Tom is kinda like that. You'll have the same sensation of blowing ur mind.

Young Tom - Anthem
M.I.A. - Steppin Up (Young Tom HARD LA! Remix)

Young Tom is the dubstep handle of the Pittsburgh-hailing Tom Holroyd. At the fresh age of 18, he's proven that u don't gotta be some douchebag who studies music production in order to make badass, full fucking beats. (no offense to peeps majoring in music production--wish i was smart enuff to have done that.) What's really cool is that the dude started his music production swag doing mashups, then twerkin some electro steeze w his other/earlier project 'Comic Strips.' (check the g6 rmx--it's a slayer.)

There is something incredibly 'garage' about his tunes. Kinda reminds me of punk in that regard. His beats are raww. They draw u in with distorted wonderment/interest. Ya just need to hear what crazy shit is going to happen next. That crazy shit usually consists of monstrous bass and glitchy/gangster-ass samples. Maybe u could call it ghetto-step? Regardless, YounG ToM is crunk as fuck.

If u in the Pittsburgh area around the 22nd you should check out Tom (as Comic Strips) playin a show as he plans to drop his dubstep work also :D (check the Young Tom Facebook page for more info)

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