Taped-out French Funk Master 'Onra'

Somewhere in between the shadows cast by the groove-gods of the past (Dilla, Dre) and the poolside parties of today's chillwave-kids (Toro y Moi) we find the instant-classic beats of Onra. Speakers or headphones, it shouldn't matter--blast this shit (I should note that subs improve the experience tremendously--the slippery basses will cover you in wetness).

Send Me Your Love
High Hopes (feat. Reggie B)

I'm really intrigued by his heavy use of funk/r'n'b. It's like, before hearing this, I thought R'n'B was tasteless and boring, but Onra's dreamy pads and sequenced-out leads create an atmosphere that is not only mind-blowing, but also completely fresh. Fresh like summer, fresh like cool cucumber on a hot day, fresh like a handfull of 'chill bros' drinking oberon w u at 5pm after a day of boating.

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