Candy Claws Fire

As you may have heard, Colorado's Candy Claws recent had their car caught in a fire while on tour in PA.  All of their equipment was totally destroyed.  Nobody was injured. and the car got fucked for realz.

Shit happens.  And shit certainly has happened to our beloved Candy Claws---  but that hasn't stopped them - For all that's happened to these guys, they couldn't possibly be more optimistic.  In an interview with exlaim.ca they said:

"We just two missed shows: Pittsburgh and DC...but really, it's been great. We got to hang out at a summer camp in PA, and a beautiful farmhouse with a lily pond and a forest and a giant Newfoundland named Jackson. They loaned us a van to get to NY. Here we are!"

So if there's one band in the world sounds like they're fucking troopers and can bear all after a crazy explosion fire car-go-boom AND still have an optimistic enough outlook to carry on w/ half a tour on borrowed equipment and a loaned van  --- that band is none other than candy claws.  We here at Tweaking Trays Incoproated LLC salute you.

Note: this is an especially big salute as we're trying to book our first Mellows tour outside of Michigan right now for the end of August, which requires a lot more effort than any of us had thought possible (yeah, we're finding out the hard way), and the Candy Claws mentality is nothing short of inspiring.

Also, check out this kickass video from a show of theirs before the fire.
Pay special attention to the headbands (I heard they use their headbands for telekensis and other similar super powers)

PS. if you're just as amazed by their awesomeness as we are, Candy Claws' label, TwoSyllable, has set up a donation page for them where you can help these dudes out in getting the money to finance some new equipment, since yeah....all their old equipment got burned to the ground.

rock on 4 evaa-


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