Nightlands- Forget the Mantra

Yeah. It actually DOES sound like the cover looks. Forget the Mantra  is the debut record from Nightlands (Dave Hartley from The War on Drugs) and I've been spinning it on my metaphorical record player for weeks. And it's kept me completely ecstatic. Beautiful textures are created with a myriad of instruments that harken to a particular time and place---memories held suspended to a particular emotion. Enormous soundscapes and lush instrumentation carry you across great plains and across the endless sky to the gentle coo of bright harmonies.  Forget the Mantra feels more akin entering a new universe than it does putting on a set of headphones.

Dave recently wrapped up a tour with none other than Philly's Constant Hitmaker---- Kurt Vile (also once in The War On Drugs) but hopefully we'll see some more Nightlands action soon! For now, pick up Forget the Mantra from the Nightlands' bandcamp!

As hard as it was to narrow, check some of the tracks below----

Nightlands---300 Clouds
Nightlands---God What Have I

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