Sunlight Burns

I'd love to be spending all my time in front of an LED screen with dancing letters, shapes, and colors, but it's just too fucking nice outside.

As I evaporate (you'll see the pun in about a minute) away from between the steadfast fingers of my addiction to the internet, there are but a few things that I'd like to take with me. In fact, I'd suggest that you do the same and take them, too.

They're tracks from Swimsuit (incl. Fred Thomas of City Center, Dina of Secret Twins, Shelley ex-Tyvek) off their first demo tape, which you can scoop for free here. I can't believe that I hadn't already taken this little slice of Ann Arbor/Ypsi, in form of reverberated/lo-fi/indie/pop punk sweetness, with me to Chicago this summer. Super stoked to hear such catchy jams from Ann Arbor/Ypsi locals, I can't wait to catch them playing around town this fall!

Swimsuit---- Evaporation
Swimsuit---- Sunlight

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