FuzZ: Interstellar Sparkles

Do you ever have those moments? You know, the moments where you:
  • are walking down a dark alley at night,
  • have a glock in ya pants,
  • are wearing dark sunglasses and a leather jacket
    • with hood up
  • just left a shady house party in Brooklyn,
  •  want to kill the people who murdered your mother
For those of you who ever found yourself in this scene from a movie in your head, I recommend FuzZ. His track 'Marshmallow Bazooka' from his full-length LP entitled 'Sparkle Vision' that was released late this past June.

Marshmallow Bazooka by FuzZ
There is undeniably something strangely clean about his 'sound.' He is not afraid of the funk. Nor does he fuck around with breakdowns.

Buy Sparkle Vision on bandcamp. (All proceeds go to FuzZ and none to Steve Jobs) :D
You can find moar FuzZ on his Soundcloud, and you can tell him how much you like 'Sparkle Vision' directly to him via his Twitter or his Myspace.

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