We Have A Room With....TEAMS

So Yesterday/Today, the ever so awesome Teams drops his second EP, We Have A Room With Everything, on the ever so awesome 'future reserves label' AMDISCS.

I was a fan of his Catch Pools EP (the first bit of Teams that graced the world's ears) from its conception, and got to hang out with Sean for a bit during his recent trip up to NYC and see him play a woozy/awesome warehouse set by the river in Brooklyn. Yet another really genuine dude in this crazy musical world/community that's been evolving as of late....and AMDISCS seems to constantly be right in the center of all this wildness -- so it's all too appropriate that they be facilitating this next effort from Teams.

Check out two of my favorite gems below-- and stream the EP in full from Teams' bandcamp.  Ambient wild beatsmithh to the maX>!~


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