Pepepiano- Babes

Today I awoke on some strange couch in Rhode Island (on a Mellows tour!) and to an unexpected surprise- Pepepiano's new EP- Babes. While the prior smells a bit musky and may involve some alleged heroin addicts- they have internet (huzzah for the future!) and I was able to cop the 4 tracks of Babes off of the Pepepiano bandcamp.

The latter is a dreamy wash of analog blips and whirrs/ shimmering keys often a la Cults/ fat synth sounds. Sweetness. I feel like I am summoned; he carries me upwards with a tractor beam of bright sound rather than light- leaving me confused/ intrigued/ elated. All over some catchy glitch-based beats and imprinted into your brain with cooing vocal harmonies. 

I'm super excited to hear more Pepepiano. For now be sure to nab Babes right off his bandcamp, you won't want to miss it.

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