Stryker Remixes Subvader

I'm realllllyyyyy excited to announce that my new ep entitled 'Riding the Night - EP' will be released this Tuesday!! Super dooper stoked about this 3-track release... it really doesn't sound much like my last EP at all (in a good way, i hope :) You will be able to pick it up for free on soundcloud, and bandcamp (which has unlimited downloads in any file format) on the 17th.

So yeah, I've been asking various producer friends to see if they want to remix the last track on the album entitled 'Now We Leave Ground.' So far, the remixes are looking DOPE--got some really talented producers (Young Tom, anyone?)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Stryker Matthews, prepare to be blown away. This californian adds a Diplo-esque flair to the original, cultivating a really energetic/rowdy vibe.

Be sure to catch Stryker's 2 part 'Coldest August mix.' Needless to say, it's pretty dope.


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