ANNOUNCING///Mellows-It's In The Stones/Ghostriding 7"

Here at Tweaking Trays, we're quite supremely pleased to officially announce our next release===>==>=> Mellows- It's In The Stones/Ghostriding 7"

The debut from the second coming of Mellows is being co-released by our pals at Royal Rhino Flying Records (who also do stuff w/ da fabulous GOBBLE GOBBLE) and ourselves-Tweaking Trays.  We're doing a limited 500 copy run of the 7" on August 21st and can be pre-ordered from Royal Rhino Flying here


Mellows is the 8-bit/folk punk/psychedelic pop golden child of the Tweaking Trays family, shamelessly including several of our contributors (coughMyselfcough), Kohwi (of Kohwi) playing the drums/doing the production, and Peter (Subvader) playing the Gameboy Classic/synths. It's 3 originals with artwork by James Green (our own Padre Zippo) and mastered by Zeljko McMullen (Wish). After a mild amount of deliberation, I'm quite pleased to say-

...or on our releases page...

Also, Mellows has a string of east coast dates allllmost ready to announce, so keep your eyes peeled on our facetwitspaceblr lest we repost them on our blog like some self-indulgent pigs who like to masturbate in front of the mirror. Before brushing their teeth. Every night. Likewise, we've got a tumblr to show us what we eat for lunch every day on the road and perhaps something even more arbitrary. 


Anonymous said...

FYI, weed diamond is not, nor will be on royal rhino flying records.

DjDr said...

sorry bout that!! itz fixed :)