The best beat Dilla ever made...

...has been rapped over by Lord Quas (that's the stoned out, high pitch rapping of Madlib fyi) and also Busta Rhymes (on Mick Boogie's Dillagence).

Today I got an email from RCRDLBL.com that mentioned Jay Electronica. WACK ASS NAME--however he too spits rhymes over Dilla's remix of 'Hydrant Game' (the classic vocal track of Quasimoto rapping--get the whole album here and the Dilla remix with the sick beat here, and the instrumental beat here).


What do you think? I am really just obsessed with the tape bangin feel of Dilla's remix--the instrumental is beautiful, compelling, soulful and artful. In my opinion, it is the greatest beat hip hop has ever seen. Lotsa peeps are tellin me that Dilla's dead SO STOP WORSHIPPING HIM. And the truth is that I will never stop loving Dilla. The man TRULY was hip hop's Beethoven (not Mozart <-- fuck that dude).


dilla said...

I am not dead mutha-fucka

this beat is my illest no doubt

Chairman said...

don't hate on mozart. he wrote some good shit. granted like 80% of it sounded the same, but some of it was good. lol