The Apple iPad / Toro Y Moi / New Apples in Stereo

"It's true that when something exceeds your ability to understand how it works, it sort of becomes magical. and that's exactly what the iPad is"

Wait....so knowing absolutely nothing about how it works is supposed to be a selling item?

I'm really torn here.  Create Digital Music had a really interesting post on Apple's new iPad today.  Combining it's closed software app-ness, with the fact that it's not even a real computer OS (The new iPad is essentially a glorified BIGGER iPod Touch).  CDM has a mindset that I tend to really agree with: that a lot of great things in the way of creativity come out of open source ideals.  Personally I'm a strong supporter of creative commons licensing, and all that stuff, so I can really see where CDM is coming from here.  Apple has a unique opportunity to create an incredibly universal touch screen computer with seemingly endless possibilities in music and art, but instead the ONLY jack on this new iPad is the iPod dock, and ALL software has to go through apple's iTunes store and their approval process.

I'm sure some incredible things will come out of this, like new spin offs of rjdj, beatmaker, etc. for a giant touch screen: making MPC style drum pads a much more realistic possibility for live performances for one thing.  However, it really hurts to think about how fucking awesome it would be to see Ableton or maxMSP patches on a multi-touch screen computer.


On another note, Toro Y Moi just came out with a video for Blessa last week.  The song of theirs that initially got me hooked on this guy's sound towards the end of '09.


"I wanted to make a futuristic pop record, to reach out to the kids of the future. It is what I imagine their more highly-evolved pop might sound like: shiny soul music with robots and humans singing together, yet informed by the music of our time. So we are sending a pop music message through time, hoping they will decode it and be into it,"

Words form Robert Schneider on the new album, Travellers in Time and Space, due on April 20th of this year....yeahh I know what you're thinking.

I've been a big fan of Elephant 6 for a long long time, and am really excited for this one...

Apples In Stereo: Travellers In Time and Space Track List
01 The Code
02 Dream About the Future
03 Hey Elevator
04 Strange Solar System
05 Dance Floor
06 CPU
07 No One in the World
08 Dignified Dignitary
09 No Vacation
10 Told You Once
11 It's All Right
12 Next Year at About the Same Time
13 Floating in Space
14 Nobody But You
15 Wings Away
16 Time Pilot


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toro y moi video no el worko

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Mac's iPad....aka....Maxipad. naming fail. hahaha.