Don't Knock it 'til Ya Try it!

If you've heard of John Fruscianti, it's probably due to his involvement with the Red Hot Chili Peps. Personally, I had known that he made solo music (pretty sure it's why he chose to abandon working with the Peps). I heard it was good (and I didn't believe it) 'til my 'lil cuz told me to check out the song 'Murderers.' Hearing is believing.

John Frusciante - Murderers
John Frusciante - Ramparts

(These tracks are from his 2001 release, To Record Only Water for 10 Days.)

You probably knew his guitarwork was amazing. He's been voted 'world's best guitarist' a million times (read his wiki, bra). But outside the pop/funk/punk/rock scope--in the realm of lofi--he should be regarded at least as some sort of lesser angel... Neutral Milk can be Jesus...

Now IDK what he's doing these days. Hopefully it's good. I don't know if I care. Those two songs are enough to tide over my lofi-binge for now. But hey, everyone's saying the 90's are comin' back, and I love the Peps. Maybe JFru is in for a rebirth into post-chillwave?


I doubt it, but wouldn't it be fucking awesome?

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