Overtaken by White Light

I'm ready for things to move back into hibernation... for the basses to retract their sweaty high-ends to deep, cool, low thwashers. One day we will even catch some synth-snowflakes on our tongues. I'm excited (in a really really chill way).

The little squeaks in the intro suggest that indeed, Roommate played & recorded a real Rhodes (fuck softsynths! lol jk). The sample takes me to a hill with white sunshine and ice-encrusted trees and takes me to a better time. Pure beauty. The percussion absolutely tickles my ears.
Roommate - The Silent

Finally, Joker releases some new material. This remix demonstrates a slight departure from his earlier, more minimalist beginnings; bright synth stabs fill out the funky lead & bass lines. I would have sex to this song. I've got a feeling there's a lot more where this came from.
Die & Interface - Bright Lights feat. William Cartwright (Joker Remix)

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