Smoke Art

Sensitive Light (where the above photos came from) has a great article about the process behind all of this smoke art.  Definitely something I'm interested in trying at some point.  But for a blog post with more pictures on the makings behind the magic check out this post by Bill Van Loo of Chromedecay.

Here are some more photos of smoke art that I found a few months back from Imaginary Foundation:

A full gallery of these lovelies can be found at Mehmet Ozgur's website (the artist/scientist behind these creations).  Ozgur holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and specializes in RF and microwave applications in nanotechnology, but somehow finds the time to create his own unique brand of smoke art, combining thousands of photographs of smoke into montages in a dark room.

As for the makings behind his magic.....you're on your own.


Anonymous said...

thats baller as fuck

Mistorfeiz said...

thats baller as fuck