DJ Plaidapus / Dné / Explode Into Color / Dosh

Thought I'd give a shot at embedding playlists up on the blog. If you click the share button and select copy link, it should take you to a download link for the playlist as well. Comment below with your thoughts.

DJ Plaidapus - This track was sent to me by a friend recently, a really cool mashup of Animal Collective's Daily Routine with a J-Live track that I don't really recognize. A really great song in its own right (one of my favorites off MPP), remashing it to a 4/4 (the original is 5/4 most of the time but jumps all over throughout) beat just gives it much more accessible groove. DJ Plaidapus is a CT native like myself. The other half of his turntablism duo, Sonic Friction, actually DJ'ed a show my band played in December at a small house party.

Dné - With the past few days having some serious snow here, this is one my
favorite winter songs from last year. I can't tell you how many walks
in the freezing cold snow and wind were turned into something really
beautifully sublime and almost spiritual by songs like this. He's a
folktronic artist, if you will. A simple acoustic guitar riff with some
really beautiful undertones and spliced sample-based percussion that
falls together in and out of place. Somehow it works incredibly well.

Explode Into Colors - As pacman mentioned before, last Sunday he and I went to see this band along with Tyvek at the Yellow Barn across from the YMCA on W Huron. Signed to Ann Arbor's own M'Lady's Records this all girls trio has a sweet catchy sound weaving tribal (i use that word hesitantly, but i think its accurate....) dancey beats in and around delayed vocal goodness. Seems like they toned down the delayed vox a little bit for the recording, but there's still a very unique feel this.

Dosh - A recent find at WCBN from my show last Tuesday. Very cool electroacoustic music. Slightly reminiscent of Four Tet in certain parts but with an overall more breakbeat feel to it.

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