A Detroit Mellow Evening / RF Jammers

So for those of you in the metro-detroit area, fellow tweakers Matt, Pete, and Claire aka MELLOWS are having a show tonight in the Majestic Cafe along with Amateur Anthropologist, and Heartbreak Dallas and the Unfaithfuls.

$5 Cover, 9:00pm.  Should be a sweet show.  Pics will follow in the next few days.


On another note, just caught wind of a pretty sweet DIY RF Jammer design.  For all you who want to fuck with interfering radio waves and piss off your friends by killing their cellphone coverage whenever they get near you, this should be a pretty fun find.

It's called the Wave Bubble, and looks like it's not that complicated once you get the PCB board (Same guy has a site dedicated to printing your own boards as well)

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