Major Lazer EP leak!

OHHH MY DIPLOOO!!!!!! I'm going to take a second to masturbate to this image.
thirty seconds of pure infatuation... moving on----->

Okay, so diplo's reggae-child with fellow dj, switch, WILL CONTINUE TO SLAY ZOMBIE-BOMBOCL@TS! Honestly, i thought that the good major might die with 'guns don't kill people...' but looks like I was wrong. I couldn't be happier to learn that indeed, 'Sound of Siren (feat. MIA)' from reggae-dancehall badass Busy Signal's latest mixtape is a preview of what is coming up on Major Lazer's EP (due in APRIL!) [you can confirm this raditatastic claim on maddecent's blog]

And so I begin my countdown until the month of April. Only one and a half months left!!

Please cop Busy Signal's mixtape (if you know what's good for you) by clicking the fucking amazing image below to get you to the mediafire page (then click the download link on that page--for you noobs).

"dey no understand why i put di stacks o money pon mi shlong" - Busy Signal to Pacman in an omegle convo that may have or may have not actually happened.

I highly recommend "Missing You," "Dem Mad," "Picante (DJ WaxFiend RMX)," and "Beep." In "Beep," he rocks out over a SICK reggae anthem of 09 called "Acres" by Capleton. Also features some instrumentals such as "Pon De Floor" and "Forever." All in all, this is one of those mixtapes that's actually worth the 150 MB it takes up on your hard drive.



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